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“Ultimate Sacrifice USA, Inc.” is a traveling memorial to all the men and women in our armed forces who selflessly fought and died for our freedom, and to our Lord Jesus Christ who gave His life to be the Ultimate Sacrifice for all of us.

This vintage 1941 modified pro-street Chevy pick-up truck is custom painted with iconic images of past wars and fallen soldiers along with images of Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Sacrifice for all men. Its purpose is simple yet profound – to show our military personnel, past and present, that they are honored and appreciated by a grateful nation.

“Ultimate Sacrifice USA, Inc.” appears at numerous Veterans ceremonies and patriotic events throughout the year to serve as a voice representing multitudes of Americans that esteem, admire, and respect our precious defenders of freedom.

The truck has become a cherished touchstone for many soldiers who identify with its spirit of sacrifice, love, and honor as they reflect on their time in the service and how their lives were often touched, and spared, by a loving God. It offers them a safe haven to remember the comrades they left behind and those that they shared so many searing moments with. Bob and Meg Cankar, whose vision created Ultimate Sacrifice, are always on hand to speak to these brave men and women, to encourage them, to listen to their stories, and to thank them on behalf of all of us for their selfless service to our country. The most common response they receive from the soldiers and other onlookers is “Please, don't ever stop what you are doing!”

“Ultimate Sacrifice USA, Inc.” is a labor of love for Bob and Meg. They often speak at the events they attend and are also available to give presentations to various patriotic, military, and veterans groups, as well as churches and community organizations. They have both a passion and compassion for our military personnel, especially those who laid their lives down to secure our freedom. In all their endeavors they also honor their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the “Ultimate Sacrifice” for all of us to assure our place in His kingdom forever.